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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving?

Well I'm a day or so late, thanksgiving was technically yesterday, but I was busy! But I guess the real question is, am I even thankful for anything this year? I'm going to a school in a way I despise, I'm constantly depressed and can't seem to break out of it. Maybe with the new hope of actually getting my transition back on track now, I'll be thankful for that and the person that might be making it all happen, time will tell. Last night we had a huge thanksgiving feast here at school, we didn't get it off because a new class started yesterday, not that I really wanted to go home anyway. So that was nice, I spent most of the evening researching like crazy. I spent a solid three hours working on my final draft of my Transition outline, most of it on hormones, I went through all the resources I could find ( being the most useful) compiling an idea of the treatment I want to start in the next couple of weeks hopefully. The trick now is finding a doctor in the surrounding area who will prescribe me what I need. Such a headache to get this started! I finished the pre-transition goals last night, and they are as follows...

Pre-Transition Goals:

1. Hormones: The Goal is to hopefully be able to start HRT during school (so ideally in the next couple of weeks). I need to find a Doctor (local) who will prescribe me them without a letter, because I'm not interested (nor can I afford) to waste three months with a shrink.

2. Hair-Removal: Facial, Body & Genital. Facial & Genital will be through electrolysis (pain!) and the body hair will be laser removal. Not cheap, but a clearly important part, hope to start this during school, maybe January 06 or before.

3. Work-out & Diet: Ideal goal is to reach a 26 or 28 (Size 8) waist through dieting and regular cardio. Corset training is also a possibility to achieve the desired result. I'm already doing this one, and it's coming along.

So that's an overview of what's planned for the next little while, my school is over in April in which time I'll start some Vocal Therapy and then fly down to San Francisco (hopefully) to visit Dr. Ousterhout for my first FFS surgery. I'll hopefully have the whole document finished soon, which is considerably more detailed. I'll post it here as soon as it is ready.

I was browsing through eros-guide last night and stumbled upon a gorgeous girl, pictured to the side. She's the same height as me, and roughly the same frame (her's might be a bit smaller though). Another idea of what i'd like to acheive, and after spending hours researching the average effects of hormones, i'm confident I can achieve something similar, and hopefully better. The downside of hormones, the best results take about 3 years to achieve, which isn't that long, but I just wish they worked faster. I'm considering castration as well, which would certainly stop (for the most part) the testerone, but a good blocker can do the same, so that's still up in the air. Well it's almost class time, time for me to run! * Kisses *


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