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A record of my transition from a boy to a woman. I'm a 20 year old male to female transsexual, and this blog is the permanent record of my journey. It includes, photos, writings, videos and anything I feel so inclined to add.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Well I was going to say it was a nice sunny day, but it really mostly rained all day. I spent the better part, well no, all of today doing homework. I wrote 3 papers, all of them over 4 pages long. Someone please shoot me now! However I did have a few nice distratctions throughout the day, I had some great conversations with some people today, and might even go on a little date come saturday, school schedule permitting of course. Which for me is incredibly exciting, I mean for the first time ever I my transition might (and i'm still very cautious, don't want to get hurt) actually go somewhere. I seemed to have discovered wishlists these last couple of days, and wow, I wish I knew about them before, It's like window shopping! I took a lot of homework "breaks" to go wishlist shopping, mostly on and, the picture i've attached is of the turtleneck i'm dying to get! It's just so cute. And pink, did I mention I love pink, I think the majority of my wishlists are filled to the top with pink things, pink v-strings, pink thongs, pink sweaters, pink jackets, pink everything! Of course I did include the rest of the colors too, but wow pink! When I did finally finish my homework, so about 10:30 PM, I started on a new document, this one a little more important to me. I decided to create a three year transition overview. I started with the basics and then included all of the drugs, doctors and procedures I wanted, and created a timeline. It's still a work in progress, but I'll post it up here once I finish it up and finalize a few details. Well I think i'm going to take a shower and then sleep! *Kisses*


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