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A record of my transition from a boy to a woman. I'm a 20 year old male to female transsexual, and this blog is the permanent record of my journey. It includes, photos, writings, videos and anything I feel so inclined to add.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Life as a Student

Wow, i've had a busy last couple of days to say the least. I'm beginning to hate school more and more, only becuase it's taking up all my time, time that I'd normally spend doing nothing. So school is actually a good thing. In a manner of speaking, being here only makes me more depressed, simply because I can't even remotely be the woman i'm supposed to be. I'm living in an all male dorm with 3 other roomates, a little difficult to do anyting. It's difficult to even find time to update my blog, or my group, or even read my e-mail. However this weekend, since it's thanksgiving weekend (in Canada), most of the students went home, leaving me with a decent bit of privacy for the weekend. I'm not leaving since the dorm is better than going home. So I get to hopefully spend thanksgiving alone here in the dorm, most likely doing some research into some plastic surgerons i've been wanting to go see. And on top of that, i've got piles of homework that's due on tuesday, no fun.

I spent a lot of my evening yesterday cleaning up my computer, mostly the photos of t-girls on my computer, and I came across a folder I started a long time ago, titled "Aspirations", basically a folder full of girls I aspire to look like. I went through a lot of the photos, and thought I'd share one of my biggest aspirations, Barbie from the UK. I would absolutely do anything to look similar or identical for that matter to her. I think it's a pretty realistic goal too, i'm about the same size (acutally a bit smaller), height wise I think we're pretty close, and i'd definately be happy with breasts like hers. I guess time will tell, but hopefully I'll achieve something similiar, or better yet, something better. Well I should probably get back to my homework.


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