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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Transition Outline!

Well I finally finished the outline for my transition, i'm sure there will be many changes, revisions, etc. But as it stands, here it is for now.

Pre-Transition Goals:
Starting Now (Age 20)

Hormones: The goal is to hopefully be able to start HRT during School. I'll need to find a online source for them, or a doctor who will prescribe them without a letter froma psychiatrist.

Regimen Outline:
Estradiol: 4mg (Sublingual) daily.
Finasteride: 6mg Propecia (divided, morning and evening) or 5mg Proscar AM.
Spironolactone: 100mg to 200mg divided dose, morning and evening.
Progestin: 5 to 100mg daily for 10 days of the month. (optional)

Regimen Reference Link
Online Pharmacist 1
Online Pharmacist 2
Online Pharmacist Info

Hair Removal: Complete facial and genital electrolysis. Laser hair removal for the rest of my body hair. I'll need to find a electrolysis place in surrounding areas that meets the following requirements...
Probes (Must-have)
Disposable Needles (Must-have)
Transgender Treatment Methods (Understanding the specific methods to permanently remove male beard hair)
Pain Control (Availability and the basic usage of topical pain relievers (over the counter or prescribed))
After-effects Control (Extensive electrolysis will likely produce significant after-effects, including persistent inflammation and irritation, along with the possibility of infection. (Availability and the basic understanding in the usage of topical antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, and related techniques are essential to proper treatment).)


Work-out & Diet: Ideal goal is to reach a 26 or 28 (size 8) waist through dieting and regular cardio. Corset training can be used, however not during School.

Grow Out Hair: Started growing out hair July 2nd, 2005.

Year One Goals:
Realistic Start Time: January 2006 (Age 21) (Leaving School after First semester) (Current Goal)

Achieve an Overly Passable Female Voice: Follow the practices, techniques and programs listed on Additionally, a Vocal Therapist is ideal. Means I need to find a local Vocal Therapist with previous transgendered experience if possible.


Feminization Surgeries: Which surgeries will be dependant on what results my surgical consultations receive. Ideally I’d like to have FFS (Ousterhout) or individual surgeries (Brow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Lip Lift, Trachea Shave, cheek implants, radiance, Lipo.) with Dr. Yarish. With an ideal date for these being late April or early May for consultations and surgery shortly after.

Dr. Ousterhout
Dr. Yarish

Legal Stuff: Name Change, Drivers License, Birth Certificate, etc.

BC Vital Statistics
Name Change Form Request
Instructions on Changes
GLBT Friendly Lawyer in Vancouver

Breast Augmentation: 36D is the desired breast size, surgery with Dr. Yarish. Preferred date is around November 2006.

Dr. Yarish:

Year Two Goals:
(January 2007 – Age 22)

Follow up Surgeries: Any surgical procedures I feel necessary or any touch-ups required.

There it is, the big plan, hopefully leading to a successful transition! I'm really looking forward to hopefully ordering hormones this week or next. I'll post monthly updates on their results. And if anyone has tips or help with the regimen guide, i'd love to hear them, because I'm definately very new to this, and doing it on my own for the first little while since i'm not goingto a shrink (serious waste of time). Some people might not have heard of Dr. Yarish, however I've found some T-girls he's done some amazing work on, such as the one i've attached to your left. From what I hear, and have seen, he's amazing at creating very natural feminine results in his transgendered patients. Hopefully i'll look just as good. He's also located in Texas, so i'm really looking forward to that trip.

Just to give you an idea of the work the girl had done, i've also attached her breakdown of the procedures (and costs). I'm considering the same procedures, if not more, so it should give you a good idea of the work i'm hoping to get done!


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